Monday, January 21, 2008

New Products

Just wanted to post out that we have some new products now available. The first picture is another example of a bird toy we have. Picture number 2 is a cat/ferret teaser as is picture number 3. An picture number 4 is yet another example of another bird toy we have available. Usually the bird toys we made are one of a kinds. So if something we make catches your eye be sure to email us for prices. Keep checking back frequently as we will be posting new things as often as we can.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Example #1

It has come to my attention that people are nervous that we won't be able to "do what people want". So to show an example of one of the clocks we made we are posting this before and after pictures.



Personally -- I think this one turned out great especially since the picture we were given was horrid. It had bends and folds as you can see in the first picture. Our customer wanted the snow to be the back round the man and dog to be isolated. An they wanted the words "Daddy and George" along with the date he got the dog and we made it happen. So if you have something you would like on a clock -- Please don't hesitate to take the chance and ask us. I am certain we can accommodate your wants and needs.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Another thing we have done at DNSBARTS is make bird toys. So if you know someone who has a bird that goes through toys like mine do. An like most birds do -- We can make toys for your bird irregardless of the birds size. We have bird toy parts in all sizes. So it don't matter if you have a budgie (Parakeet), a lovebird, a cockatiel,a cockatoo or a macaw. We can make you toys for your feathered friend. Below are just a few examples of toys we have made for people. Our prices are very reasonable as I have before I started making them myself shopped around for toys. All our toys are 100% safe for birds and are brand new. If your interested in getting some toys for your feathered friend email us at and tell us what kind of bird you have and we will email you back with a few questions to see what kinds of toys we think would be best suited for you bird. We will then make up a few toys take some pictures of the toys and send you the pics via the internet. An if you like them you can purchase them. It really is that simple...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


This is one of our "Simpsons" clocks.

This is our "Personalized clock" We can personalize it to say anything you want with any color backround or any backround picture.

They are just a few more examples of what we can do here at DNSBARTS!!